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How to align your brand and customer experience

How to align your brand and customer experience Lori Luechtefeld

If you think about Verizon Wireless, there's a good chance the first thing that springs to mind is the company's network. After all, Verizon Wireless has spent untold time and resources positioning itself as a fast, reliable network.

But what happens when a brand's core message fails to translate to its operations? That's a key disconnect that Domenico D'Ambrosio, VP of national channel operations at Verizon Wireless, has been seeking to address with his team in regard to the company's 30,000 retail employees. At the Mobile Bootcamp at the iMedia Commerce Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, D'Ambrosio provided insights on how Verizon is empowering its frontline employees and taking a new approach as it relates to the increasingly integrated digital and physical worlds.

"Customers want us to deliver the promise of the digital world," D'Ambrosio said. "If we're going to do that for our customers, we need to do it for our employees too." But when it comes to empowering a team, putting the right technology in their hands is only half the battle. D'Ambrosio noted that when it initially gave tablets to its 30,000 retail employees, it did little to change the culture in those settings. So, the company took a different approach. Now, instead of employees being required to check off everything that they ask the customer to do, they flip the tablet around and put it in the hands of the customers themselves.

By giving customers the power and transparency they crave, Verizon Wireless is aligning its in-store and operational culture with its broader brand values and message. The company gauges its success in empowering its team according to the following results:

  • Fewer customer calls back
  • Fluid and well-equipped calls
  • Consistent transactions and experiences
  • Business to business mobility
  • Intuitive digital sales transactions

Whether it's the in-store experience, policies, or online shopping, the best customer experience depends on developing the right tools and employing a new way of thinking, with the customer first. Don't overcomplicate things, D'Ambrosio. Verizon has outlined the below key premises as ones that guide both its brand and its customer experience. The company's future lies within. 

Lori Luechtefeld is principal of strategic content firm Wookit Media and an associate at WIT Strategy. In both roles, she works with a network of media and marketing professionals to devise and fulfill on content strategies that connect...

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