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Setting up your team to succeed despite failure

Setting up your team to succeed despite failure Kevin Hung

Your team produces its best work when they are in the right environment, and eliminating the fear of failure is a huge component of that equation. In today's agressive, fast-paced market things can change greatly from one minute to the next, and because of that, people have found that the risk of failure is very real. Make sure that you've put the right culture into place in your office so that everyone is at their best.

Ocean Fine, director of agency and strategic accounts at Factual, speaks to Kevin Hung, SVP, digital innovations director at Havas, about how Havas has set up its culture to help its employees abandon their fear of making mistakes.

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Article written and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

Kevin Hung is head of digital and innovation in Chicago, specializing in immersive technology experiences that help businesses build their value exchange with and for consumers. He has successfully launched businesses into new categories and...

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