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Presenting the 2016 iMedia ASPY award winners

Presenting the 2016 iMedia ASPY award winners iMedia Editors

For the last 13 years, at the iMedia Agency Summit each May, leaders from the top digital agencies get together to present the ASPY Awards. Founded by the Aspen Group, the ASPYs recognize the industry's best publishers and media providers. Here are the winners and finalists for 2016, as chosen by senior agency executives.

Best Customer Service: Tapad

Tapad Inc. is a marketing technology firm renowned for its breakthrough, unified, cross-device solutions.

- TubeMogul
- Turn
- Viant

Best Industry Innovation: Amobee Brand Intelligence

Amobee Brand Intelligence provides agencies and brands with actionable real-time and historical insights to amplify marketing strategy, creative development, and media delivery across all screens.

- Bionic
- Drawbridge Cross Device Platform
- Lotame Audience Optimizer
- Visual IQ

Best Data, Research, or Analytics: eMarketer

eMarketer is an independent market research company that provides insights and trends related to digital marketing, media, and commerce.

- Nielsen
- Factual
- Cardlytics
- SambaTV

Best Programmatic Partner: Coegi

Coegi is a digital media buying company that uses programmatic technology and real-time bidding solutions to bring audiences and advertisers together.

- The Trade Desk
- Turn
- DataXu
- Drawbridge

Best Video Partner: TubeMogul

TubeMogul is the leading independent software platform that enables brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure, and optimize their global advertising.

- Yahoo/Brightroll
- Yashi

Best Mobile Partner: Tapad

Tapad Inc. is a marketing technology firm renowned for its breakthrough, unified, cross-device solutions.

- Xad
- Amobee
- inMobi

Best Social Partner: Facebook

Facebook is a corporation and an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California, in the United States.

- LinkedIn
- Snapchat
- TuneIn

Rising Star: Justin Dawson, Sizmek

Justin Dawson is senior client services manager at Sizmek's Los Angeles office. Sizmek fuels digital advertising campaigns for advertisers and agencies around the world with the most cutting-edge technology to engage audiences across any screen.

- Diana Epstein, Drawbridge
- Marina Romero, Turn
- Stephanie Schonbrun, Viant

Industry Luminary: Seth Rogin, Nucleus Marketing Solutions

Seth Rogin is the president and CEO of the recently created Nucleus Marketing Solutions. This premier marketing solutions provider will connect national advertisers to the top U.S. local publishers' highly engaged audiences across existing and emerging digital platforms.

- Danny Fishman, Excellerate
- Eric Franchi, Undertone
- Todd Haskall, Hearst
- Andy Monfried, Lotame

iMedia Communications, Inc. is a trade publisher and event producer serving interactive media and marketing industries. The company was founded in September of 2001 and is a subsidiary of Comexposium USA.  ...

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