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The advantages and disadvantages in sports marketing

The advantages and disadvantages in sports marketing Peter Stringer

Gone are the days when having a franchise player on your team or winning the title were sufficient marketing tactics. These days, professional sports organizations need to think like cutting-edge marketers. How does that work for sports marketing? What are the advantages and disadvantages that a professional team has over more traditional brands? Peter Stringer, VP of digital media for the Boston Celtics, speaks to iMedia about the benefits a sports team has when it comes to marketing, one of the biggest challenges that the Boston Celtics face, and how new tech has upped their game.

Article written and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters. 

In his capacity as VP of digital media for the Boston Celtics, Peter Stringer has guided the Boston Celtics to become one of the biggest professional sports brands in digital and social media, with over 8.7 million Facebook fans and over 1.5 million...

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