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How much is mobile video worth?

How much is mobile video worth? Bob Bentz

Today, more than ever, people demand immediate information and want to be entertained at the same time. So what better medium is there than mobile video for advertisers to resonate with their audience? With the advent of large data packages and prolific Wi-Fi, consumers are watching video regardless of whether they are in their home, at the office, or on the go.

Digital video is, by far, the fastest growing area of mobile advertising. In fact, according to Cisco, by 2019, digital and mobile video will represent 80 percent of all internet traffic. This is largely due to millennials' copious content consumption on mobile and a general trend toward snacking on mobile. Consumers have become insatiable multitaskers and are finding it increasingly difficult to focus on just one thing at a time. That's why they are watching TV and interacting with it on their laptops simultaneously, thus creating a virtual omni-channel tug-of-war.

There are many reasons why an advertiser should consider mobile video. One is the decreased cost of making short-form videos. Because of the short form required for mobile video, a long production is simply not necessary to produce results. Most mobile videos are only 30 seconds or less, and many any prefer a 15-second format. Remember that Vine's videos are only six seconds long. Because of the short length, brands need to spotlight the message immediately in the video or it will lose consumer interest quickly.

Video plays automatically on most social mobile platforms, thus reducing friction for the consumer. While the video is usually on autoplay, the sound likely requires a tap by the user so as to not automatically annoy those innocent people around the user.

With video, results are instant, with high engagement and tap-throughs to make purchases happen immediately. After all, if somebody is tapping on a video, they are already significantly engaged with the video presentation itself, and they are far more likely to be interested in converting.

There are, however, some things that a video advertiser should look out for. Chances are that when a customer sees a video ad once, he will not bother to watch it again, so there is no need to keep serving videos to the same consumers. Booking the best time slot is also important; try reaching people with video in the evening or during lunchtime when they are less conflicted. A working professional or student isn't going to watch a long video when they are busiest, which is normally during the day.

Video works great on mobile for awareness, branding, and calls-to-action. It helps tell the story of the company in its most entertaining format. The moving image is an effective marketing approach for businesses of all sizes and in all verticals, and it should be a top priority for every heady marketer.

Already, video appears to be a priority, even for small businesses. Over a million small businesses have already posted a video on Facebook. There is no way that there are a million small businesses advertising on television. The opportunity video brings is immense for all size businesses.

Consumers are inherently lazy. They do not want to read; they want to be entertained. Video advertising on mobile is only getting bigger, so get the cameras rolling.

Bob Bentz is the author of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing (2016).  You can purchase his book at RelevanceRaisesResponse.com or at Amazon or other fine online book retailers. Bentz is the president of...

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