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The agency survival guide


On hiring: the Denver Airport test

Have doubts about a potential hire? Julian Aldridge, VP of brand evangelism and activation at Charles Schwab, describes an old go-to thought process that marketers can use to evaluate new agency recruits.

On the day-to-day: remember to be externally focused

It's easy for marketers to get bogged down in the tedious and mundane daily tasks that are required of their jobs. This can often stagnate an agency. Dave Knox, chief marketing officer at Rockfish Interactive, explains why being externally focused and forming relationships is a vital part of what keeps good agencies fluid and fresh.

On brand loyalty: understand your customer

When brands try to build loyalty, the steps needed to truly understand your customer are often swept aside. Shade Vaughn, chief marketing officer for SapientNitro, describes the importance of really working to understand a client's customers in order to create meaningful campaigns that create trust -- and don’t fake it.

On new technology: avoid "squirrel syndrome"

Tom Edwards, chief digital officer of agency at Epsilon, explains why marketers need to avoid "squirrel syndrome" -- i.e. getting distracted by new shiny technology and injecting it into your marketing without it providing real value.

On innovation: be forward-thinking

Innovating to fix today's problems is good, but working to future-proof is even better. Dustin Engel, head of analytics and data activation at PMG, talks about why agencies need to be forward-thinking in their strategies that involve new ideas and technologies.

On attitude: just be nice

This isn't "Mad Men." There's no reason (or evidence) to suggest a correlation between being a bully and being successful. David Berkowitz, former chief marketing officer at MRY, explains a simple, time-tested idea that you can implement today: be a kind person.

On relationships: don't be afraid of non-agency talent

Finally, agency talent is not the only kind of talent you'll need to succeed. Andy Frawley, CEO of Epsilon, explains why sometimes you need to employ and communicate with non-agency talent to gain fresh perspectives and create new ideas.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by media producer Brian Waters.

David Zaleski is the Media Production Supervisor for iMedia Communications, Inc. and Comexposium USA. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film & Television Production, specializing in editing, animation, and...

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