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How consumer behavior is changing the travel game

How consumer behavior is changing the travel game Brad Wilson

People love to travel, and the industry is booming, thanks in part to the ever-increasing facility of booking travel -- and also the plethora of travel sites that continue to pop up. Additionally, the continued upward swing of mobile usage means that booking an exotic vacationĀ isĀ as easy as reaching into your pocket and pulling out your phone. Brad Wilson, general manager at Travelocity at Expedia, Inc., talks to iMedia about how consumer behavior has dramatically changed the travel landscape.

Article written and video edited by media producer Brian Waters.

Having spent his career building some of the most recognizable online brands, Brad Wilson, general manager of Travelocity, has also made an indelible mark at Travelocity by introducing and launching the "Go & Smell the Roses" brand campaign in...

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