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Global togetherness sparks Olympic video content

Global togetherness sparks Olympic video content Brian Shin

July saw the rise of more Olympics-related video content, with hype for the sporting event spiking online video viewership. Instead of appealing to competitiveness and national pride, the top brands of July were able to successfully promote themes of international unity through sport with the help of celebrity endorsements and strong narrative-based content.

Global togetherness was a common theme in July's Olympics-themed content, as shown by campaigns released by both Hyundai and Samsung. Samsung, coming in first on the chart, had three highly successful Olympics campaigns that helped the brand top the list. In "The Anthem," Samsung attempts to create one global anthem that incorporates lines from national anthems from countries around the world including Botswana, Australia, Canada, France, the U.S., Brazil, and many others. People from around the globe sing the lines of an anthem of another country and film it on their Samsung smart phone. Stunning imagery, a heartwarming message of unity, and the appearance of Olympics athletes helped the campaign achieve success with a True Reach® of over 19 million views in July.

In a similar fashion, Hyundai released "Together We Stand," an advertisement that shows the dedication and teamwork athletes need in order to progress in their sport. Athletes from different cultures and different sports are shown training with the help of a friend, family member, or partner. Scenic imagery, catchy music, and inspiring athletic feats help Hyundai promote the tagline: "Together we are faster. Together we are stronger." The campaign received a True Reach® of over 25 million views in July and was the brand's most popular campaign of the month, helping Hyundai reach eighth place on the chart.

Brands also approached Olympics content by focusing on a specific athlete or set of athletes. Despite being released in late June, "#DoWhatYouCant" was Samsung's most-viewed campaign of July. The campaign's main creative features South-Sudanese track runner Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan as she prepares for a big race and the people of her country chant her name. She is the first athlete to represent South Sudan, and has an inspiring story that appeals to wide audiences. The campaign was responsible for 33 percent of Samsung's views in July.

Nike came in second place on the chart with a True Reach® of over 94 million views primarily due to their Olympics-themed campaign, "Unlimited," which features many well-known athletes. The campaign includes profiles of athletes as well as humorous and motivational advertisements urging people to achieve their dreams. Gabby Douglas, Allyson Felix, Alex Morgan, Mo Farah, Rory McIlroy, and more are included in the campaign and are depicted as having "unlimited" talents and determination. In one creative in the campaign, titled "Unlimited Future," actor Bobby Cannavale is featured giving an inspirational pep talk to a room full of babies representing famous athletes. He urges the babies to take control of their destiny. The campaign contributed over 43 percent of the brand's views for the month.

A few brands were able to make the top 10 without the support of Olympics content. One campaign breaking the Olympics theme that received considerable views throughout the month was LG's "Don't Miss Your Special Moments." The ad showcases LG's new refrigerator with Door-in-Door technology that has a more accessible and compact door design. The most-viewed video from the campaign shows a mother missing out on her baby miraculously spinning a basketball on his finger while she struggles to find food in her fridge. The ad closes with the tagline "Don't miss your special moments."

Another brand deviating from the Olympics was hard cider brand Smith & Forge. The brand saw success from their viral campaign "Hard Won," created in partnership with Thrillist. In the prank video, the brand transforms athlete Kenneth Leverich into an old man with clothing and makeup and sends him to Muscle Beach. Once there, he lifts heavy weights and challenges the other athletes while spectators watch with amazement. The campaign garnered over 89 million views in July and helped Smith & Forge make the chart for the first time ever.

In July, brands pulled out all the stops with huge marketing pushes leading up to the Summer Olympics in Rio that began with the opening ceremonies on August 5. Only one new brand was able to make the chart in July, with powerful content from big-brands leaving little room for newcomers. Automotive, technology, and athletic-apparel brands were able to garner the most views in July, while technological innovations and a prank video gone viral helped brands promoting non Olympics-related content make the chart too.

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