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Testimonials and product demonstrations receive high view counts

Testimonials and product demonstrations receive high view counts Brian Shin

In August, big brands continued driving viewership for ongoing campaigns, with many continuing to promote Olympics-themed content. Both Samsung and Nike held onto their first and second place spots on the chart, respectively, with campaigns released over the summer months.

Samsung's Olympic-themed campaign "The Anthem" -- released in July -- received more than 21 million views in August, corresponding with the beginning of the Olympic games on August 5. The campaign is an inspirational mashup of national anthems from around the world, mixing languages and nationalities. However, the brand's "Galaxy Note7 Official Introduction" campaign helped the brand gain the most views with a True Reach® of more than 94 million views. The campaign showcases the new Samsung Galaxy Note7, and it focuses on innovative new features including a larger screen, new colors, water resistance, and their most "intelligent S Pen ever." The video uses voice-over narration and a product demo to exhibit the new technology.

Nike's most popular content of the month centered around both the Olympics and the release of its new Air Jordan sneakers. The brand released its "Unlimited" campaign in early June and continued to release content throughout July and August. The campaign showcases the success stories of inspirational athletes in a variety of sports. Popular content added in August includes a profile on athlete Scout Bassett, who overcame the obstacles from her leg amputation to become a competitive U.S. Paralympic track sprinter and jumper. An emotional voice-over narrative paired with adrenaline-inducing music gives the videos a compelling edge, and successfully promotes Nike's brand image. This campaign accounted for more than 86 percent of Nike's total views for the month.

Additionally, Nike's "AJXXXI: Runway" campaign showcases the new Air Jordan sneakers, and was the second most-viewed campaign of the brand in August with a True Reach® of more than 5 million views. The ad's creative style compliments the retro design of the shoes and features professional basketball player Russell Westbrook.

Hyundai was among the other brands producing Olympic and sporting event-related content, and the brand experienced the most viewership from its "Together We Stand" campaign that promotes unity through the Olympic games.

There were also a handful of brands that promoted non-sports content, such as showcasing product developments. Tide and the mattress company Purple released campaigns earlier in the year that put their products through experiments to prove their durability; these campaigns had a surge of views in August. Tide's "Tide Pod Challenge 2016" was released in mid-June and features popular YouTubers dirtying clothes in order to test the effectiveness of Tide pods.

In Purple's "Raw Egg Test," "bed expert" Goldilocks puts the brand's mattress to the test by showing how an egg sitting on the mattress will not break even when a heavy weight is pressed on top of it. Since its release in late March, the campaign has gone viral, receiving more than 27 million views in August.

Google and Microsoft made the chart in August assisted mainly by campaigns that focused on the features of their products. Google's "Google Photos: Free Up Space" campaign shows people how they can create more storage space for photos on their phones by using the Google Photos app. The ad features the music of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" and shows a video montage of different picture-worthy scenarios that get ruined due to a "storage full" message.

Microsoft's "Testimonials" campaign features interviews with customers as they explain why they enjoy using Microsoft products currently on the market. The campaign received a True Reach® of more than 18 million views.

While the Summer Olympics gave many brands a huge boost in viewership, other brands with content unrelated to the games were still able to be successful and stand out from the noise. Now that the games have come to a close, brands will have some time to recuperate before the mad rush of the coming holiday season.

Brian Shin is the founder and CEO of Visible Measures. He has more than 15 years experience starting and building innovative early stage technology companies. Brian has co-founded several successful Internet startups, including web-based...

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