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Advertising's new world order

Today's digital advertising landscape is shifting, overthrowing previously established norms and systems and giving way to a new hierarchy where consumers rule, data informs, and creative processes are rooted in science as much as they are art. Hear from top industry executives at this year's IAB MIXX Conference on just what advertising's new world order means to them and how to succeed in it.

This as an era where creative-led advertising is folding into a data-led advertising framework, according to Bryan Kennedy, chief executive officer, Epsilon/Conversant. The marriage between complex data/immerging technologies and the art of creative expression will continue to drive us forward in this advertising evolution, he says. Steve King, chief executive officer, Publicis Media, thinks it entails combining data analytics and technology within a richer ecosystem where different assets come together to create better experiences for clients and consumers. Nick Law, vice chairman, global chief creative officer, R/GA, sees this as a time when two siloed creative ways of thinking about advertising -- creating stories and creating systems -- are now uniting.

David Etherington, chief strategy officer, Intersection, prefers to define this new world order as "the emancipation of media from behind a screen to the streets." He explains this new landscape will consist of far more media types, particularly those that can extend to physical objects and physical displays. And according to Sebastian Tomich, senior vice president, advertising and innovation, The New York Times Company, it's still undefined. We've seen incredible change in a very short time, and it's still to be determined how advertisers, publishers, agencies, and brands will work together over the next five years, he says.

On the topic of who rules, Lauren Wiener, president, buyer platforms, Tremor Video, believes the new world order is one which the user is the boss and advertisers have to fight for their attention. And Jessi Hempel, head of editorial, Backchannel, sees it as one where we have conversations with the consumer rather than talk to them.

And what are the keys to success in this landscape? Leah Kauffman, director, content strategy, Audience Drive, thinks that in order to succeed in this time of disruption, one needs to adeptly implement channel agnostic strategy and not be married to just one platform. According to Bryan Wiener, executive chairman, 360i, this new hierarchy is shifting from TV-led to digital-led, and companies need to start by focusing on the fundamentals -- planning, organizing, budgeting, and measuring -- in order to gage their success.

Watch the full video of interviews here:

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