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Tapping into brand ambassadors for authentic content on demand

Tapping into brand ambassadors for authentic content on demand iMedia Editors

Unlocking the power of brand ambassadors

In today's industry climate -- especially with how social media has evolved -- brands need to partner with ambassadors, not influencers. These are everyday consumers who love the brand and can advocate for it in an authentic and meaningful way. It's no longer about follower counts, it's about real connections. It's about creating a network of true brand ambassadors who deliver authentic content and value the power of building trust with their followers.

Pushing the envelope, taking calculated risks, and adopting new methods and technologies early are just a few of the ways that industry entrepreneur David Shadpour has achieved success. His latest venture, Social Native, has enjoyed rapid growth by defining what ambassador marketing can look like and the results that can be achieved. He speaks about the potential of brand ambassadors and creating a scalable content marketing program based on authentic content.

How has the market changed and what do today's consumers want?

At its inception, Social Native began working with a large online retailer who put all of their white backdrop product content on their website and left it at that. With the evolution of the online and marketing world, this method became a little passé, as consumers began crave more inspiring, engaging content. Social Native was able to help them create more engaging content through social content creators -- people who actually use and love the product. The result was powerful content that can be used anywhere -- from newsletters, to paid ad campaigns, to the brand's e-commerce pages. Authentic content created by brand ambassadors has been a game changer, and has proven time and again to be more effective than traditional product content. David Shadpour, CEO of Social Native, explains more.

What is the best way to connect with consumers to ensure optimal results?

It's simple: think of the lens of the camera as the brand. In an ideal world, a brand in any particular campaign would be able to create hundreds, or even thousands of personalized pieces of content that are tailor made to all target lifestyles and interests -- content for the surfer, the student, the mom, the fashionista. That's seemingly impossible into today's market climate. However, Social Native has cracked the code and built a technology platform that enables brands to do exactly that.

David Shadpour, CEO of Social Native, ends our conversation by describing how brands like Coca-Cola are using Social Native to create a magnitude of custom content on demand that's optimized for personalized media-buying, and produced at a fraction of the cost previously possible.

Learn more about Social Native. 

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