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Overcome antiquated thinking with new technology

Overcome antiquated thinking with new technology Nanette Marcus

On the bright side, legacy brands like Amway have power and resources behind them. On the downside, those established brands often rely on legacy systems, poor infrastructure, and hesitation from upper management to change and adapt to current technology.

Amway's digital marketing director Sanaz Hamidi, along with Kevin Rice, CSMO at Hathway, an Amway agency partner, discussed how their teams are working together to overcome those obstacles at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Santa Barbara, California.

Amway, which has been in business for more than 50 years, is currently in the discovery phase with Hathway, using artificial intelligence to help drive their content marketing.

Hamidi's team and agency partners have conducted stakeholder interviews, an audit of all of Amway's content, as well as its competitors. And the brand has expanded its competitor research beyond the direct selling industry, focusing on other companies who leverage opportunities, like Etsy. Hathway has collected all this good insight, digested it, and put it together in a way that Amway can absorb. Hamidi appreciates having the black and white data to take to upper management to help justify her team's requests.

Rice noted that if you're a marketer, analyzing competition content, it can be hard to wrap your arms around it. So it's important to choose the best partner to help with that.

From Hathway's research, Amway learned that it doesn't have a consistent story across its platforms. The team is now focused on leveraging these learnings. Its existing content was driven to calls-to-action. Hathway helped segment Amway's customers into different personas to help them create content relevant to those journeys.

Amway is using the intelligence gathered as a guideline moving forward. The team hasn't ever had a content guide before and they're no longer looking at technology as a shiny thing to launch. "We're looking at it as another revenue stream now. It's taken a mindshift. We can't avoid technology."

Hamidi's team is working with multiple agencies so they don't put all their eggs in one basket, embracing the great opportunity to partner and make a difference.

She suggests that marketers do their research. Find agencies they're comfortable with. Trust the process. Don't create wireframes until you have strategies and content. Set your teams up for success.

Nanette is iMedia Communications' executive editor.   In addition to her roles at iMedia, Nanette has served as a specialist in content marketing, editorial content, public relations and social media for various clients. She's contributed to...

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