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Strategic celebrity partnership campaigns take flight

Strategic celebrity partnership campaigns take flight Brian Shin

Multiple major technology announcements were made in September, which helped larger tech companies take coveted spots on the chart. After two months in a row, Samsung and Nike fell from the top two spots, with Apple and Google taking first and second place, respectively. Each company announced a new phone and a range of other devices, which attracted a lot of viewers over the course of the month.

Apple's summary campaign of the launch event for its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 products, "Don't Blink," was the most-viewed campaign for the month of September with a True Reach®of more than 56 million views. The 107-second video includes footage of the new iPhone and Apple Watch features, the new AirPods wireless headphones, and Tim Cook singing Carpool Karaoke.

Google made an announcement with a slew of new products, including a new phone, Pixel. Its "Introducing Pixel" campaign highlights the features of the phone that are different from the competition, and it received more than 5 million views. Other technology that received attention included Samsung's Gear Fit2 wearable and Gear IconX earbuds introduced in the "Go with Galaxy" campaign. The ads feature users exercising to "take the work out of working out," and it received more than 6 million views.

A key partnership and a clever presidential election campaign helped Audi become the only automotive brand to make the chart in September. The brand's "Desolation" campaign, in partnership with Airbnb, highlights the best traits of each brand; the ad features a unique place to stay in the desert for a vacation and the new Audi R8 Sport Coupe. The campaign received more than 17 million views. Additionally, the brand's "Due" campaign was released in time for the first Presidential Debate, and it is an action-packed sequence of valet parking attendants fighting over the ticket for an Audi -- in reverse. The campaign received more than 10 million views, and advises viewers to "choose the next driver wisely."

Dior and Nescafé released multiple campaigns in September, but it was strategic partnerships with celebrities that helped them reach the chart. Dior's "Rouge Dior" campaign starring Natalie Portman was the most successful for the brand, which received more than 23 million views. Natalie poses with the red lipstick in a photo booth while dancing to the James Brown song, "I Feel Good." Nescafé partnered with will.i.am. in its "Reinvent A Classic" campaign for its new Dolce Gusto product, which launched in multiple countries and received more than 23 million views. The ad campaign juxtaposes an espresso machine with a music studio while a remix of Otis Redding's "Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay" plays in the background.

Additionally, campaigns launched last year helped Amazon and Tide make the chart this month. Amazon's "Amazon App" continued to promote the convenience of buying a gift on your mobile device for you or a friend through the company's app. It received more than 14 million views. Tide's 2015 campaign surpassed the 2016 campaign for its "Tide Pod Challenge" in terms of views for the month of September; the 2015 campaign received more than 13 million views while the 2016 campaign received more than 9 million views. In these ads, social influencers purposefully dirty their shirts in unique ways to see if Tide Pods can remove the stains.

Large tech announcements and strategic partnerships proved to help brands increase their reach this month. However, some brands were able to see continued success from older campaigns to drive them forward. With the holiday season beginning next month, it will be interesting to see how these rankings will shift and who will come out on top.

Brian Shin is the founder and CEO of Visible Measures. He has more than 15 years experience starting and building innovative early stage technology companies. Brian has co-founded several successful Internet startups, including web-based...

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