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The greatest power of programmatic data right now

The greatest power of programmatic data right now Aaron Chan

Scale, scale, scale. There is a ton of pertinent data that comes out of a programmatic campaign, but for Aaron Chan, associate director of marketing transformation at The Clorox Company, the most important piece of the equation is scale. The insights that are gleaned from targeting a specific group that you are trying to advertise to allows you to meet a very large reach. So if you have a good data model, that allows you to achieve scale.

Ocean Fine, senior director of agency and strategic accounts at Factual, talks to Aaron about the most powerful and valuable aspects of programmatic data, and how The Clorox Company is trying to leverage them.

Article written and video edited by media producer Brian Waters.

Aaron Chan is an engaged and passionate marketing leader who blends modern marketing acumen with deep technology and product management expertise. His areas of expertise include Marketing Transformation, Consumer Experience Architecture, Marketing...

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