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Mad tech: The collision course that will help us all

Mad tech: The collision course that will help us all Aaron Chan

As marketing technology and ad technology evolve, they are beginning to overlap each other more and more. The ultimate goal is to try to create a 360-degree view of your customer. To do that, you need your media data and data from all other channels to all play nice together. Right now, there's still a gap in that unification, but for Aaron Chan, associate director of marketing transformation at The Clorox Company, that gap is quickly narrowing and will eventually close altogether.

Aaron speaks to Ocean Fine, senior director of agency and strategic accounts at Factual, about the fascinating trends regarding programmatic that are happening right now.

Article written and video edited by media producer Brian Waters.

Aaron Chan is an engaged and passionate marketing leader who blends modern marketing acumen with deep technology and product management expertise. His areas of expertise include Marketing Transformation, Consumer Experience Architecture, Marketing...

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