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Programmatic isn't all about the tech

Programmatic isn't all about the tech Alan Osetek

There is a ton of talk about the technology-driven aspects of programmatic and for good reason -- it's heavily driven by new tech. But the interesting development that is the fact that programmatic seems to be naturally moving to a space where we will be able to focus more on the individual rather than the masses.

Ocean Fine, senior director of agency and strategic accounts at Factual, speaks to Alan Osetek, global CEO of Digilant, about the exciting developments that we've had with programmatic this year and how it is evolving to our benefit.

Article written and video edited by media producer Brian Waters.

Alan Osetek is Chief Executive Officer at Digilant, the paid media arm of ispDigital, in charge of the company’s business development and expansion worldwide. Prior to becoming the CEO at Digilant, Alan was the Global President of Resolution...

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