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Musical talent usurps Halloween-themed campaigns

Musical talent usurps Halloween-themed campaigns Brian Shin

While many brands released Halloween campaigns this year, Walmart was the only brand in the top 10 that amassed a large amount of views due to a campaign for the holiday. In its "Invisible Man" creative, a boy attaches an invisible man to his body that allows the boy to collect two buckets of candy when trick-or-treating. At first, it appears to be a ploy to get more candy, but at the end of the ad it is revealed that the boy was collecting the extra candy for a friend that could not trick-or-treat due to a broken leg. The campaign received more than 51 million views, 72 percent of the brand's overall views for the month.

Celebrity partnerships and creative set to music worked well for Shell, LG, and T-Mobile in October. Shell took the No. 1 spot primarily due to its "Make The Future" campaign, which highlights alternative energy sources. The campaign features famous singers, including Jennifer Hudson, Steve Aoki, Pixie Lott, Luan Santana, Yemi Alade, and Tan WeiWei, in a music video for the song, "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors. The campaign received more than 97 million views.

LG's "Everyday Spectacular" campaign features celebrity Joseph Gordon-Levitt and other musicians playing music in various public spaces. The campaign was shot on an LG V20 phone, and it was LG's most-viewed campaign in October with more than 34 million views. LG also leveraged user-generated videos in its "Remastered" campaign, which received more than 24 million views. The ads are music video remakes of viral videos that feature the stars of the original clips.

T-Mobile's "Road Trip" campaign highlights the company's unlimited data plan compared to Verizon Wireless. The woman in the ad sings along with Ariana Grande (an embodiment of music streaming data) in a car until she receives a notification that her data limit is almost reached, causing her to leave Ariana on the side of the road so that she can use data for GPS navigation. The campaign received more than 29 million views.

Similar to Shell, Nintendo was able to grab a spot on the chart in October with cumulative views from a single campaign. Its "First Look at Nintendo Switch" campaign promotes the innovative functionality of the company's new console to be released in 2017. The campaign/brand received more than 42 million views, and this marks Nintendo's first time on the chart since 2012.

Additionally, phone release campaigns continued to carry Google and Apple in October. Google's "Introducing Pixel" campaign received more than 25 million views, and Apple's "Introducing iPhone 7" campaign received more than 16 million views. Both ads introduce the new devices and the innovative features unique to the device.

While most of this month's top brands made the chart due to one or two large campaigns that contributed the majority of views for the brand, Samsung and Victoria's Secret took a different approach. These brands had many smaller campaigns with enough combined viewership for them to make the chart this month. Samsung's "Samsung Smart Class" campaign follows an Indian couple as they travel to the city to visit their son in school on his birthday. They are upset that their son does not live with them anymore, but the son shows his parents the Samsung technology in his classroom, which he cannot get in a smaller village, inspiring the parents to support their son's studies. The campaign received more than 16 million views.

Victoria's Secret campaigns benefit from the social reach of each of its supermodels that star in an ad, and "The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" campaign received more than 14 million views this month. The ads introduce this year's models, including supermodel Bella Hadid, and revealed the location of this year's fashion show, Paris.

Now that we are full-swing in the holiday shopping season, we expect Black Friday and holiday ads to garner more attention and engaged viewing time for brands in the coming months.

Brian Shin is the founder and CEO of Visible Measures. He has more than 15 years experience starting and building innovative early stage technology companies. Brian has co-founded several successful Internet startups, including web-based...

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