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U.K. brands dominate holiday campaign videos

U.K. brands dominate holiday campaign videos Brian Shin

Brands came out in full force with holiday campaigns to celebrate this festive time. U.K. brands are especially prone to releasing creative Christmas campaigns, and many brand advocates anticipate the campaigns months in advance. In fact, two U.K. brands took the top two spots on the chart in November with help from their Christmas campaigns.

Every year, U.K. department store John Lewis creates a highly-anticipated Christmas campaign that fans look forward to, and this year's campaign did not disappoint. The brand's "#BusterTheBoxer" campaign was the most-viewed campaign in November with a True Reach of more than 212 million views. The campaign focuses on a boxer dog and forest animals that jump on a trampoline intended to be a Christmas gift for a young girl. While brand uploads for this campaign received many views, user-generated parodies and copies across the web received more than 72 percent of the total views for the campaign in November.

Coming into a holiday season when it seems like there is a lot of uncertainty and terror in the world, some brands chose to focus on positive and heartwarming messages. Amazon released a campaign that focuses on bringing people together from different religious backgrounds. In its "A Priest and Imam meet for a cup of tea" campaign, a priest and an imam meet for tea and relate to one another through their own knee pain. After returning home, they each order knee pads for each other so that they can pray in their respective houses of worship in comfort. The campaign earned a True Reach of more than 27 million views in November. Additionally, Heathrow Airport made the chart for the first time with a Christmas campaign that highlights the heartwarming moments when coming home for the holidays. The "Coming Home for Christmas" campaign received a True Reach of more than 84 million views, and focused on the joy of a family reuniting at the airport arrival gate through the use of an adorable stuffed bear couple. Airports typically don't release huge holiday campaigns, so this gave Heathrow Airport a chance to stand out from the competition and place on the monthly chart.

No matter the season, humor is always an appealing creative that generates a lot of views. In a stunt that only cat owners can relate to, Temptations set dozens of cats loose on a flashy Christmas display in its "Keep Them Busy" campaign. The cats only halt their destruction of Christmas ornaments, plates of food, and more when a bag of cat treats is shaken off-camera. The campaign received more than 72 million views in November, earning it a spot on the chart for the first time. In a follow-up to its Taylor vs. Treadmill campaign, Apple released "Drake vs. Bench Press," which earned a True Reach of more than 31 million views in November. This ad shows music artist Drake secretly enjoying Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" while at the gym. He is so enraptured in the song that he ends up losing control of a bench press weight and falls off the equipment.

Many brands also chose to use cross-promotion to their advantage this holiday season. Walmart's "A Star Wars Story" earned a True Reach of more than 10 million views, and showcased scenes from the film, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." Other brands such as Nissan, Globe Telecom, and Duracell also partnered with the latest Star Wars film for recent campaigns.

The holidays are an exceptional time for brands to stand out with unique campaigns. Whether it be through heartwarming messages or providing laughs, brands can tap into human emotions and focus on what makes the holidays special.

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