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The Data Activation Challenge

As marketers, we know that our users consume media in a cross channel environment and mobile is leading the charge. Mobile is one of the fastest growing channels in the UK, driving the growth of advertising spend up 50.8p% to £3.87bn (IAB) but it won’t yield expected results if executed in isolation. DataXu have witnessed our industry migrate from the cross-device challenge, to the data activation in the challenge – centred in our cross-device world.

Immersing the customer into the brand, across all channels creating a seamless customer experience, often referred to as omnichanel marketing, is the way forward for advertisers. We also urge marketers to move away from channel specific planning and instead focus on engaging people along their buying journey.

The promise of data-driven, people-based marketing is not only possible but is now increasingly expected by consumers. While some brands have been successful at on-boarding data management solutions and working with technology partners to utilise 3rd party and behavioural data for marketing, many are now realising that the real value lies in activating their own 1st party data in real-time. Mastering this challenge will be key to increasing your Marketing ROI and transforming simple customer transactions into lasting relationships.

In DataXu’s workshop at the Mobile Marketing Summit, London (Thursday 6 July, 12pm – 1pm), Yasmin Porter, Associate Director, UK Sales, DataXu will highlight some of these key considerations for real time data activation in a cross-device world:

  • How to activate CRM and other 1st party data into digital campaigns in real time?
  • How to account for both accuracy and scale when activating data in a cross device environment?
  • How to activate DMP data in real time into digital when planning a omnichannel campaign – including TV?

Even though mobile and cross-device campaigns have the potential to reach millions of customers a day, the true value comes from effectively activating your data in real time and making it the foundation of your marketing strategy.

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