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Q&A with John Moore, Global President, MullenLowe Mediahub

Q&A with John Moore, Global President, MullenLowe Mediahub iMedia Editors
iMedia speaker and Global President of MullenLowe Mediahub John Moore gives his insights on the "lost art" of creativity in media. 

At the iMedia Agency Summit, you'll be addressing the lost art of creativity in media. Where along the way did many agencies lose this creative focus? And what's the first step in getting back to the creative roots of the industry that drove so many to pursue marketing as a career in the first place?

First, the unbundling of media shops from creatives agencies. 

Second, as CMO’s continue to be under intense pressure (longevity four years vs eight for CEO’s), data has become the new currency in marketing. As a result, we've become too slavish to spreadsheets and many media processionals have forgotten (or never learned) how to develop real “creativity" in media. Their culture doesn’t reward it and consequentially, it is becoming a lost art. The first step is really getting a set of KPI’s that the agency can measure and clients buy into. For us, it about how to measure things like consumer enjoyment. 

In your opinion, what is the single greatest threat facing agencies today? And how has Mediahub positioned itself to combat this challenge?

Without a doubt, ad avoidance (e.g ad blocking software grew by 30% last year) . Technology has become a double edge sword for media shops as consumers have become adroit at tuning out and throwing out unwanted messages. Mediahub is tackling this dynamic in two ways - #1 created a Media Sciences team that really understands how to use data to serve the most relevant ad possible (in real time) and #2 developed a content team whose sole focus is create “media” consumers actually seek out and talk about. 

At the iMedia Agency Summit, the theme of the summit will focus on ways in which agencies can "spend less time fretting over and defending acceptable margins and more time delivering the unique value that is inherent within the modern agency and its deep pool of creative resources and subject-matter expertise." If your opinion, what agency value is most commonly overlooked by brand clients today? 

Creativity in media of course. 

Along these lines, if you could give all brands one piece of advice about better leveraging agency resources, what would it be?

When deserved, compliment your agency. They will work 100% harder for you. 

And I have to give a second, pay them fairly so they can put more dedicated people on your brand. A bunch of people at 25% does not work.

What recent work coming out of Mediahub embodies the unique value it brings to clients? What work from the past year makes you most proud and why?

My favorite is what we did for Netflix to promote Black Mirror. We took one core element from the show – Technology is changing everything and one core element from our consumers- 41% of them use ad blocking software (2.5X times the gen pop). We then went to avant guard young male sites and figured out a way to serve ads to those with ad blocking software with a tailored message around hacking their software. The press and the client called it “brilliant.”

John Moore is speaking at iMedia Agency Summit USA, taking place at the Ritz-Carlton on October 2-4, 2017. If you are an agency and are interested in attending, please request an invitation. If you are a technology, vendor or publisher, please submit an enquiry.

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