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In 5 Words: An Interview with Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy

In 5 Words: An Interview with Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy iMedia Editors

We challenged marketing and ad-tech leaders to answer a series of questions in five words or less . No frills. No fluff. Just rapid-fire responses. Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Instreamatic takes his turn.

What are you passionate about?
Omnichannel engagement strategy

What do you love about the industry?
Perfect mix of emotions & numbers.

What are your top three trends of 2017?
Voice, AR, AI.

What are the gamechangers for 2018?
Voice-activated ads.

Describe your 2018 strategy
Grow AI-powered voice ad exchange.

What opportunities are you excited about?
Growth of voice interfaces.

What keeps you awake at night?
Serving AI-generated customized ads.

Automation: friend or foe?
Friend of buying, foe of creative.

What are you talking about at ad:tech New York?
Voice tech changing digital advertising.

Stas is CEO and Founder at Instreamatic.AI. Instreamatic.AI provides an all-in-one solution for voice activated ads. Based on AI and deep learning Instreamatic.AI provides hands-free publishers with voice response layer over content and advertising. Prior to Instreamatic, Stas pioneered digital audio ads market in Russian-speaking countries and built Unisound – a leading digital audio ads sales house and headed business development of a leading mobile music streaming service in Eastern Europe.

Stas is a speaker at ad:tech New York on November 1-2.

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