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Closing Keynote: Kickstarting a Virtuous Cycle of Personalized Marketing with AI

Closing Keynote: Kickstarting a Virtuous Cycle of Personalized Marketing with AI iMedia Editors

AI gives brands the power to make better media decisions, create hyper-personalized content, generate insights to optimize the end-to-end customer experience, and uncover opportunities for product innovation. That means companies can deliver more value faster to more people, starting a virtuous cycle of value exchange that can radically boost brand value. This talk will explore the new kinds of tools, talent, and working methods needed to start on this journey of marketing transformation.

Learn more about the iMedia Agency Summit 2017. 

iMedia Communications, Inc. is a trade publisher and event producer serving interactive media and marketing industries. The company was founded in September of 2001 and is a subsidiary of Comexposium USA.  ...

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2020, September 22


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2020, May 26

nice one

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2019, April 04

Thank you

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2018, February 02

Great video, thank you for your help.

Commenter: Amelia Davies

2017, December 08

Artificial Intelligence is doing wonders in every domain. With the help of AI, customers are getting better user experience. Thanks for this video!!