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Meeting of the Minds: The iMedia Agency Connection

Meeting of the Minds: The iMedia Agency Connection Philip Pillsbury

Over a ballroom breakfast at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, iMedia recently hosted its annual Agency Summit. Digital marketing peers got a chance to participate in roundtable discussions on the latest technology innovations, fostering creative and nimble work environments, and what’s ahead for the industry in the coming months and years.

Marin was excited to exchange information and ideas with our agency partners and digital advertising experts. We collected many insightful takeaways and lessons along the way.

Meeting Challenges Head On

Much of the discussion focused on the best ways to maintain an understanding of a constantly evolving ad tech landscape. Technology and associated needs change quickly, while walled gardens remain difficult to surmount.

Since so much of advertising is now digital, marketers understand that addressing these new challenges—as well as other puzzles like attribution models, combining TV and digital, using data insights constructively, and operating in a saturated marketplace—will directly impact campaign performance.

Agencies must overcome these hurdles and translate newly gained knowledge to clients, while acting on it for competitive results.

Another theme under the “challenges” banner includes finding the right partners to execute successful strategies. As businesses evolve and the talent pool shrinks, ad tech leaders have to make sure they’re laser-focused not only on delivering revenue and ROI, but also on building the right relationships.

One thing was clear throughout the iMedia Summit—in the fight for consumer dollars, staying vigilant and informed as the ad tech landscape evolves takes time and trust. Everyone was up to the challenge.

The Latest Technology Innovations

Like opening a gift over the holidays, the discussion around the latest innovations and trends was one of the most exciting segments on the agenda. From our favorite new technology toys to a predicted “Wild West” of digital marketing, our discussion group identified and chatted about what we think will be the Next Big Things—with one expected retirement:

  • Using VR for trade shows
  • Smart home solutions
  • Self-driving cars
  • Alexa (we learned that 81 of 88 college students now use Alexa every day)
  • The spending power of Millennials
  • The Internet of Things
  • Blockchain—is it trustworthy?
  • The bursting of the influencer bubble

One participant even anticipated “the return of the long tail.” Great things await! 

An Honest Conversation

We all agreed that clients will do business with people they trust and like. Hats off to iMedia for creating such a collaborative environment over great food and conversation. Through open sharing in a private atmosphere, the very best part of the day was reflecting on the market with like-minded colleagues and appreciating the nuances of the industry. Looking forward to next year!

The iMedia Agency Connection
The iMedia Agency Connection


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