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5 Countries That Look Just as Great Inside Stock Video

5 Countries That Look Just as Great Inside Stock Video Danny Groner
Without leaving your computer, we can now examine the wildlife, tropical areas, and exotic qualities of some of the world's most heralded and remarkable destinations. Stock video offers a wonderful preview of what is in store. It's not just for the travelers among us, though, who can benefit from drifting off into distant places. As more companies are turning to video to help with their storytelling, an opportunity opens up to discover what lies beyond the oceans that separate us.

Through incorporating some stock footage into your brand's videos, you will bridge the gap and give yourself an international flavor and feel. This is particularly of note to digital marketers who depend so heavily on search engines to drive new customers to their sites. Those who pursue consumers around the world rather than just in their local market have a chance to make a bigger splash. The same notion should come through inside your marketing materials.

If you do a sizzle reel, for instance, why not include some aerial shots to set the scene and to orient the viewer to a different place? It's easy and inexpensive to inject these clips into your marketing videos. Global markets may as a result feel a bit closer to home. After all, we all live through the same days, just through a slightly different lens. Here's a look at how you can achieve a little local flair for five countries around the world:

United States: Even if most of the readers of this post might know what certain parts of the U.S. looks and feels like, this country remains so large that it's actually composed of more neighborhoods and regions than anyone can count. It's what makes this "melting pot" so wonderful. Experience the countryside of the Midwest or the breeze of the West Coast. Find ways to bring some of this powerful imagery into your video marketing materials. (See an example of a uniquely United States stock video clip.

United Kingdom: It's not just Will and Kate's royal baby that gets the world's attention — for hundreds of years the world's eyes have fixated on the British. Their traditions and heritage might seem to some a bit out of character with today's era, but England is a nation that has welcomed the old and the new. You don't have to be there on the ground to know what a British street looks like: You can capture it through video. (Watch a timelapse of the United Kingdom.)

Japan: Japan is known for their ingenuity and technology, surpassing even many of the more advanced countries in the world. It's important when discussing the country to showcase all of the innovation front and center. Video is a great way to illustrate that in quick and efficient way. As your business grows and begins to consider expansion into Asia, using Japan as the leaping off point makes a good deal of sense. You can represent the opportunity for growth through a recognizably Japanese clip that will hopefully bring you into the next decade of advancement, too.

Brazil: While as prominent as, say, Japan on the global scale, Brazil conjures up a different set of emotions, ideas, and images. You can show the other side of the story by putting Brazil's amazing landscapes on display through video marketing. (Besides, your employees may not fight a chance to get to go to visit Sao Paulo or Rio.) Brazilian stock video clips evoke qualities unheard of by some Western countries. There's power in the rich colors alone. Viewers will be taken in by how compelling and persuasive these videos can be.

Korea: Sitting beside huge countries like Japan, China, and India, Korea can get lost in the shuffle. But it has just as much to offer, if not more. Korean footage reveals magnificent architecture and buildings that you simply cannot find in other areas around the world. If you can't experience it firsthand in your lifetime, you can get a strong feel for it from viewing movies and clips dedicated to showing off Korean culture. Explore away.

Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock. He encourages everyone to consider how they achieve visual storytelling in the age of desktop editing and publishing.

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