10 tech trends you can ignore in 2012

Trendsplosion 6: Facebook "likes"

Marketers spend an inordinate amount of time reminding each other that Facebook "likes" from consumers don't really matter, which is roughly the same exercise as convincing your mom that calling her on her birthday rather than sending a gift doesn't mean you love her any less. It may be true, but hey, a metric's a metric.

What is demonstrably true is that you should expend a lot more effort taking care of the select fans who truly like you than chasing after the ones who may just "like" you for your sweepstakes entry or 10 percent discount. But just as we're getting self-disciplined about playing it cool and not acting all needy with our customers, Facebook Timeline for Pages comes along and throws us in a tizzy, causing us to produce contradictory studies on its impact on the very same metric that we've all agreed to stop caring about. This is especially obnoxious to me, because I missed the window to release my own contradictory study. Now I'll have to search-and-replace "likes" with "re-pins."



Angi Kelley
Angi Kelley April 12, 2012 at 6:29 PM

Great article however in regard to touch screen vs. keyboards, techies forget that that there are people out there with callused fingers that can't use touch screens. Heat doesn't make it through the calluses. While this isn't a huge amount of users, they do exist. And just because they have callused fingers we shouldn't think they're not good customers.

Lee Dellinger
Lee Dellinger April 12, 2012 at 1:22 PM

Great article...enjoyed the read!