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9 Proofs That I Am Definitely Not The Only Digit Head In The Village(s)

9 Proofs That I Am Definitely Not The Only Digit Head In The Village(s) Jim Nichols

My parents and I went to an "active adult" community called The Villages in Florida this week. Here are nine things I heard that indicate how much our world has changed via digital. Everyone living in The Villages is over 55, many much older. Incomes range from a little below average to significantly above – all share a plethora of amenities in a sort of retirement playground of something like 125,000 people. It bills itself as "The friendliest place on Earth."

Anyway, here’s what I overheard:

9. (From a woman I am guessing is in her 60s) Yes, I tried Match.com, but for The Villages, it’s those same 12 guys you see at Katie Belle’s every night.  [Katie Belle’s is the nightclub in this complex.] I’m on eHarmony now.

8. (From a man in his 60s, on cellphone) Wait a sec, Anita, I’ll conference them in.

7. (From a woman in her 60s) Oh yes, there’s even a virtual tour of our house online.

6. (From a couple in their 70s, talking of their second time around marriage) We met in a chatrom in 1999.

5. (From a woman, about 70) My grandkids come down about once a year. But I see them every week because last year we bought webcams.

4. (From a woman in her 70s) Karen showed me those puppies online, and logged in every day until they took it down.

3. (From a man in his 50s) No, I think only the local paper gets delivered here. But it doesn’t matter, you can get The New York Times for free online.

2. (From a  woman in her 50s) There’s live entertainment every day in both town squares. Schedules online.

1. (From a man in his 50s) I want a 3G iPhone but I don’t know if the network gets out here.

Jim Nichols is VP of Marketing for Apsalar. Jim has 20+ years experience in over 80 different categories, including developing successful positioning and go-to-market plans for more than 40 adtech and martech companies. He joins Apsalar after...

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