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Location, Location, Location!

A number of years back I recall hearing an incredibly prescient quote from Morgan Stanley analyst, Mary Meeker. The quote spoke about localization and personalization—and how these elements would be key drivers in the growth of the web as a commercial platform. While these concepts are fairly obvious today—at the time (I believe it was around 2003) it was not as obvious. Needless to say Meeker’s statement had a profound effect on my work. Years later these notions have become fundamental elements of online marketing and are ingrained in my day-to-day operations (both professional and personal).

Localization Is Personal

With the onslaught of social networks, collaborative filters and search engines—there is no shortage of personalized content online. Localized content and services however are still fairly primitive, but remain one of the largest opportunities in digital commerce and communications. A bevy of new services aim to solve this problem, and it should come as no surprise that mobile phones are at the core of many of these services.


Back in April Michael Arrington posted an epiphany he had about mobile social networks. This concept is one that I have been interested in for a while and could not have agreed with his commentary more (see my posts on what I was referring to as

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