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Want To Teach Your Employees Social Media? Make It Personal.

Want To Teach Your Employees Social Media? Make It Personal. Jay Friedman

Those of you reading this right now, by virtue of reading this, are probably thought leaders in the industry.  No, I’m not stroking your ego.  It’s just that most people in our industry don’t actively seek out news or blogs about our industry.  I’m sure every employee at my local Pizza Hut doesn’t read Nation’s Restaurant News, but it’d sure be nice.  We’re fortunate at Goodway to have a very enthusiastic team that does seek out a lot of this information but we can always do better.  One area in which I hoped we could better follow our industry was Twitter, but just telling everyone to hop on Twitter wouldn’t work.

So, instead, we created a private Twitter account, installed Tweetdeck on everyone’s desktop with a login to that account, and it now gives everyone on our team the opportunity to anonymously compliment other team members.  At the end of the month, the people with the most compliments have their names put in a hat and we randomly draw a winner for a gift card.  The senior folks in our company certainly seeded the pool the first week or so but it really took off with compliments flying left and right.  The great part is we also sent out a list of industry thought leaders that might be good to follow on their own personal Twitter accounts, which they could now use simultaneously to the private corporate account.  A number of people did indeed sign up for Twitter for the first time and are learning more about our industry this way. 

We wish all of our co-workers were excited about our industry as we are, but if you make it personal the response is likely to be a lot greater and enthusiastic.  What have you done in your company to encourage early adoption?  I’d love to hear it.

Jay Friedman is COO of Goodway Group, and a partner in the 3rd-generation family company founded by Milton Wolk in 1929. Friedman joined in 2006 to add a digital media component to Goodway’s offerings, beyond the existing print and promotional...

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