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Snuggie Pub Crawls Take The Blanket With Sleeves And Make It Social

Snuggie Pub Crawls Take The Blanket With Sleeves And Make It Social Jim Nichols

The incredibly talented Lori Luechtefeld, Editor of iMediaConnection and decider of whether I get to write future features in this pub, perpetrated her chilling hatred of the Snuggie in this blog a couple of weeks ago. Clearly a case of fleece discrimination.

But that is neither here nor there.

What I want to tell you about is how social media is making the Snuggie media onslaught its own with the Snuggie Pub Crawls, a set of prescheduled flashmobs in which backwards bathrobe wearing hipsters in select cities can make a mass pub crawl to taverns, bars, and clubs and celebrate this new pop culture phenom!

Visit SnuggiePubCrawl.com to find the date and time of the crawl near you.

But take a moment as well to see how the Snuggie Pub Crawls are a wonderfully democratic way for users to demonstrate their love for the product. A way made entirely possible by our fabulous Internets. And before you get all contrary on me and say that the people who are going to these crawls are actually making fun of the 21st century’s first genuine garment innovation  -- the gaucho skirt of this epoch, the Nehru jacket of our times -- consider this: to go on the Crawls, you’ll need to buy and wear an authentic Snuggie!

Will there be a social media site called Snuggr? Will we have Snugtube? Or Snulu for the professionally produced vids? Will Switter rival Twitter in its cultural influence? Will there be iPod enabled Snuggies? A Snuggie iPhone app that gives our favorite phone sleeves?

Will global warming be arrested by people content to turn the heat down now that they can bask in the magnificent warmth of this Dumbledore-inspired fashion?

Whatever happens, we can all take pride in our digital medium for taking the world’s most ubiquitous TV ad campaign, and making it our participatory. And here’s a vid of the Snuggie infomercial, just to make Lori wince like she might over nails on a chalkboard.

Jim Nichols is VP of Marketing for Apsalar. Jim has 20+ years experience in over 80 different categories, including developing successful positioning and go-to-market plans for more than 40 adtech and martech companies. He joins Apsalar after...

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