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How many exhibitionists are on Facebook?

How many exhibitionists are on Facebook? Lori Luechtefeld

Facebook's announcement last week that it is revising its publishing and privacy capabilities to give users more control over who sees their status updates and other posts sparked many questions from its users. In particular, many expressed concerns that their privacy on the network was about to be compromised due to the newfound ability to share updates with "everyone."

While Facebook was quick to assure its community that nothing has changed with regard to default privacy settings, the initial reaction begs the question: Will users actually consent to share their updates with those outside their networks? 

Many marketers are already drooling over the possibility of tapping into insights from the Facebook user community in the same way they do on Twitter. But if only Facebook's most enthusiastic exhibitionists are opting to share their feeds with the general public, will any real representative intelligence ever actually be gleaned?

Lori Luechtefeld is publisher of iMedia Connection. She came to iMedia in July 2008 from Canon Communications, where she served as managing editor of an executive-level business magazine in the medical technology field. Prior to joining Canon, Lori...

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