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Interactive trumps all at Cannes

Judges at last week's Cannes Lions International Advertising  Festival awarded the Film Grand Prix, traditionally given to the world's best commercial, not to a television commercial, but to an online video from Phillips and Tribal DDB.

The winning ad, "Carousel," is a stunning piece of video which, somewhat ironically, promotes Phillips' Cinema 21:9 television. Viewers are taken through an action scene frozen in time, complete with explosions, cops, and clown-masked robbers, that starts and ends at the very same point (hence the name Carousel).

But not only is the world's best commercial found online, it's actually much more than just a breathtaking video. Viewers can click on interactive elements within the video stream to pause the action and watch as the director of photography, visual effects supervisor, and director step into the frame to explain the thought process behind the shots and the benefits of the TV set.

According to Ad Age, the festival judges considered giving two Grand Prix awards this year: one for traditional TV, one for interactive, but ultimately decided to award only one and went with the best piece of work. "[T]hose lines are blurring so much we wanted to make a statement," said judge Ted Royer of Droga5.

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