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Top 10 Headlines for April Fools!

Top 10 Headlines for April Fools! Adam Kleinberg

The Ides of March have come and gone. Today's the first of April and the news is so hot, it's sizzlin'. Check out this mornings headlines!

  1. This morning, Apple announced that Woz is returning to the company. To celebrate they have launched a new iPhone app that actually makes bacon.

  2. In a press conference this morning, Michael Dell addressed the creation of single-client agency Enfatica. Mr. Dell was quoted as saying, "Boy, that was dumb."

  3. Twitter monetization strategy revealed: porn.

  4. Hulu introduces the world's first $6,000,000 CPM with bionic tracking.

  5. AOL just gives up.

  6. Alex Bogusky decides not to do any more interviews. "It's really about the brands, not me" said Bogusky, "Really. I mean it. No, really. I'm serious. Really."

  7. Tonight on Spike TV: Guy Kawasaki and Robert Scoble battle to death in a steel cage to decide who shall be The Ultimate Twitterer.

  8. More stimulus pork exposed: Congress earmarks millions to stifle mass whining about Facebook redesign.

  9. Obama proposes to bail out ad industry. "This will complement the government's new auto business," he says. "Now we can do advertising for our Used Car Sales Event."

  10. GM top spot goes to the Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Finally, we'll have some innovative thinking to go with our futille attempts to rule the world.

April fools ;)

Adam Kleinberg is the CEO of Traction, an interactive agency in San Francisco that believes everything is interactive. We've broadly been recognized as one of the top small agencies in the US: 2013 iMedia Small Agency of the Year finalist Won...

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