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Where Did Google Go?

Where Did Google Go? 16922

Who’s the most recent C-Level of exit Yahoo? Why did the Facebook-Twitter talks die? What glassworks artist’s work can be seen in the apartment of Google exec Marissa Mayer?

If you’ve been following the recent news out of Silicon Valley, you’ll know the answer to all three of these questions: Blake Jorgensen; Facebook didn’t offer enough money to Twitter; and Dale Chihuly—respectively.

Which leads me to a follow-up question: Why has the news from the Googleplex—the Internet story since 1998—been so consistently dull?

I have four guesses: 

  • The new, hot story is Web 2.0—and Google is failing to make headway into Web 2.0. (Have you used Orkut lately? No? So you see my point.)

  • Google has become a large, boring, corporate behemoth with massive market share and little room for growth. No hot story there!

  • Google is becoming a large, evil, monopolizing giant, and it’s doing its best to keep a low profile.

  • Google’s main source of PR is everything outside of its core search business. Due to the sour economy, Google is cutting back on everything outside of its core search business.

 My guess is that all four factors have a kernel of truth to them.


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