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Can Microsoft really grab some of the search pie?

Can Microsoft really grab some of the search pie? Matt Kapko

Microsoft's new search product, Bing, sure has a catchy name -- a refreshing change from the typically middle-of-the-road company -- but will that cleverness translate into actual success?

Years ago, Microsoft admittedly failed to see search for the incredible opportunity that it's become and let the world pass it by in the process. Rushed jobs in search since have left much to be desired. I can't think of anyone who uses Live Search as their default search engine. Can you?

What's even worse for Microsoft is that Google has reined supreme for so long it may take a decade or longer to make serious inroads against the crew in Mountain View, even with a vastly superior offering.

I Google, you Google, we all Google. Google is so synonymous with online search that it's tough to see anything coming along to change that. That's what's so exciting about technology and innovation though. Google seemingly came out of nowhere and someone else could come along and do exactly the same.

Will that monumental shift come from one of the incumbents in the industry or will it take a couple of clever college students with nothing to lose. I'd put my money on the unknown up-and-comers. What do you think?

Matt Kapko has been covering mobile since 2006, before it became cool. He is a relentless journalist and consultant that specializes in the converged space of mobile, digital marketing and advertising, entertainment and media. Eye on Media, a...

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