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Augmenting The iMedia Breakthrough Summit (post mortem)

Augmenting The iMedia Breakthrough Summit (post mortem) iMedia Editors

Last week I led a master class at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit entitled, "Augmenting The Future". Despite the fact that my agency has been doing a lot with Augmented Reality, my goal was not to proselytize or blindly extol the virtues of a technology that many in the room were not intimately familiar with.

No, that was not my goal at all.

If anything, I was there to get people not to use Augmented Reality.   Superfluous use of technology tends to minimize the impact of use cases that actually make sense. My fear is that the marketing community will adopt this technology, exploit it and then spit it out like so many technologies before it (Second Life, anyone).

My hope is that we have matured as an industry and that we are able to do our due diligence before leveraging the technological flavor of the month (not that Augmented Reality is new--it has been around for quite some time. It is, however, new to the marketing community). 

With that said, I think the class went great! Representatives from Traction, OMD, Kraft, The Integer Group, 20th Century Fox among others were all present. It seemed that I got people thinking strategically and that was my goal. As always thanks to Brad Berens, Daisey Whitney, Katharine Panessidi and the entire iMedia family for the opportunity to share some of my passion with the marketing community.

Now, as promised, here are my slides (there are only a few...give me a call if you want me to talk you through them :) )    
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