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Brands change holiday tactics to match consumer trends

Brands change holiday tactics to match consumer trends Greg Bardsley

As consumer trends continue to shift away from traditional media and into online and mobile, brands are following suit. Here are a couple of brands that have already started their Christmas season with a digital bang:

JCPenney – The company is “doin it right” by releasing a holiday-themed mobile website to promote Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. The site gives customers gift ideas, helps them find a local store, and even offers a wake-up call on Black Friday. Still not convinced JCPenney put some time and money into this? They even got Cindy Crawford as one of automated responses for the wake-up call.

Best Buy – As newspapers become less and less prevalent, so will newspaper inserts. For that reason, Best Buy has sent a digital copy of their upcoming holiday newspaper flyer to all of their e-mail subscribers. This is interesting – Best Buy knows that their customers expect a holiday insert with outstanding deals, but instead of reinventing the wheel in order to reach their base, they simply took something they knew worked and spread it to their other channels.

Is this a flash of the future or simply a trend of today? Since we haven’t even breached the true start of the Christmas season, we’ll have to wait and see. That said, all signs point to a very digital shopping season. 

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