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FOX promotes Ice Age 3 DVD release with iPhone, Facebook apps

FOX promotes Ice Age 3 DVD release with iPhone, Facebook apps Mario Sgambelluri

A friend of mine at Fox Home Entertainment regularly keeps me in the loop on the work they’re doing over there to promote DVD releases, and what impresses me is that every time I get a note, it’s not just, “hey, check out this link,” it’s more like, “here’s the iPhone app, the Facebook page, a game, another game, and oh yeah, the minisite.”

For Ice Age 3, here’s a game (flying adventure), the Facebook page (153,000 fans so far), the iPhone app (which has a very cool skateboarding game that takes a second to get used to, but once you do, it’s pretty sticky), another game (the “Boney Coaster”), and a trading card zone where you can trade stuff (get social) earned by playing the games, watching videos.  


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