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Creativing :: Hugo Chavez Tweets, Facebook's Open Graph explained, and the best iPad app yet

Creativing :: Hugo Chavez Tweets, Facebook's Open Graph explained, and the best iPad app yet Doug Schumacher

Tweet of the Week

Technically, “Twitterer” of the week. This week, Hugo Chavez joined the digerati. And his username roughly translates to ‘devil’ in many Latin American countries, although in Venezuela, it also means ‘rabble-rouser’. Either way, a little nutty coming from the 5th largest oil producing nation in the world.

The Color of Words | Codename: “Cuttlefish”

Copywriters and Art Directors, unite. This is both entertaining and useful for checking people’s creative color explorations. Each color is given a name, generally closely tied to the color it brings up. Well worth a few minutes of mousing around.

Facebook Sends Window Decals to Local Businesses

Start looking for this type of thing to be as common on a store window as credit card stickers.

Augmented Reality Billboard Puts Passersby in a Street Fight [VIDEO]

Strong execution using Augmented Reality in a digital billboard.

MobilGlyph: Making Data Tangible – Popwuping

Video demonstrating the use of QR codes as a way to enable data entry in a mobile phone for illiterate people. The final interface is a little like scrolling through the Facebook mobile app to make a call.

Facebook and the New SEO | Stay N’ Alive

If you read one article this week, this is probably a good one to read. An explanation on the power of Facebook’s new Open Graph Protocol and it’s potential impact on advertising.

More Absurd Social Media Analysis – The Value Of A Fan

If you didn’t hear about the attempt to value a Facebook Fan at $3.60, it pulled a lot of commentary. Beyond the narrow definition of the value of a Fan that this approach took, it’s just as wrong to think that every company will benefit the same from their fan base. At any rate, this post delves into why whatever the value, the equation they used doesn’t really capture it.

Google TV to be Unveiled Next Month

Here comes Google TV. And the web-enabled TV platform is based on Android. Get ready to use your mobile phone as the remote control for your entire TV. And while you can do this with an iPhone and AppleTV today, it is an Apple TV after all. And the power of bringing together numerous mobile phone and TV manufacturers on the same platform will likely pay off well for the Google TV participants.

Google’s nightmare: Facebook ‘Like’ replaces links – CNN.com

Why Facebook’s ‘Like” and Open Graph system are such a threat to Google. It takes the idea of indexing what’s popular on the Web, and puts that information inside Facebook, where Google’s search algorithm can’t ’see’ it. Not good for Google if that algorithm drives the bulk of your revenues.

Lessons from Yahoo’s iPad App in the Cloud

The most impressive iPad app i’ve seen yet. And from Yahoo, no less. I really like how seamlessly this app brings together a large cross section of news and entertainment. When they go to the TV listings, you can see how you could navigate directly to the show, when available. Then, just add a button to push the video feed to a large TV monitor, and the iPad becomes a must-have device for finding content that you then share with everyone in the room. Compare that to the current way of finding out what’s on TV and then playing it.

Doug Schumacher is the co-founder of social media content strategy tool Zuum. Zuum reveals a number of key insights into what type of social media content will generate maximum impact for a given industry. His interactive career began in 1996...

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