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Ford goes live on Facebook

Ford broke new ground yesterday by revealing a new vehicle, the 2011 Ford Explorer, on Facebook. Throughout the day, the company hosted live chats and rolled out exclusive photos and videos -- including Ford executive conversations with Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, a proud Ford spokesperson. 


The still-live page tells the tale of the day chronologically and, wisely, invites visitors to participate in the launch by entering a sweepstakes and logging on to build their own Ford Explorer.

This is an excellent example of a brand leveraging the strengths of its chosen platform for a campaign, but I'm curious to see where it goes from here. Brand cannot live by Facebook alone.

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Lori Luechtefeld is principal of strategic content firm Wookit Media and an associate at WIT Strategy. In both roles, she works with a network of media and marketing professionals to devise and fulfill on content strategies that connect...

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