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Jerzify Yourself: How Hill Holiday & MTV went viral

Josh Messinger
Jerzify Yourself: How Hill Holiday & MTV went viral Josh Messinger
R&D group head Ilya Vedrashko discusses the Jersey Shores' successful viral site including details of: the timeline, what tools were used, how they seeded the creative, metrics, and what they learned from the campaign.


Excerpt of key takeaways:

1. The Invisible Impact. If you find yourself measuring the value of referral sources for your campaign, consider their total impact via re-shares in addition to the direct traffic they send your way. Counting only the direct clicks from any site is likely to underestimate the site’s total value; five out of six sites on our top-referrers list sent almost as much traffic through re-shares as through direct clicks.  It would make for an interesting follow-up experiment to see if this difference holds up as solidly for paid campaigns as it does for “organic” content. If it does — and this difference is measured — it would have important implications on how we plan media buys.

2. If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s Halfdead. Dr. Henry Jenkins once made this now-famous remark about the destiny of content in the age of social media: “If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s Dead“.  Having looked at the data, we can now say with a degree of confidence that you’ll still get viewers if your link gets picked up by major online publications, but content that’s designed to be spreadable can nearly double the referred traffic through re-shares.

Read A Site That Went Viral and The Numbers Behind It to get the full story including all of the takeaways.
Josh Messinger

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