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Latest updates from Job Connection: Digitas, Omnicom, and others

Tim Loc
Latest updates from Job Connection: Digitas, Omnicom, and others Tim Loc
Wanna know who's hiring? Check out our Job Connection page to get the latest on open positions.

Senior Media Planner, Digitas, Philadelphia, PA

Media Planner, Digitas Philadelphia, PA

Manager, Business Development - Financial Markets, Media Whiz, New York, NY

Senior Digital Planner/Buyer, U.S. International Media LLC, West Hollywood, CA

Strategy Supervisor, Digital, Omnicom Media Group Holdings New York, NY

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Tim Loc

Tim Loc is an editorial intern at iMedia. He graduted from USC in 2008 with a BA in both Psychology and Creative Writing. For a short while he played in an 80s cover band, which performed noise-rock renditions of "Purple Rain" and "99 Luft Balloons."...

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