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You want fries with that Jamba Juice?

You want fries with that Jamba Juice? Jodi Harris
Mmm. Nothing like a thick, juicy smoothie made from grilled meat and cheese and covered in kechup and mustard. At least, according to Jamba Juice's latest YouTube video:


Sound ridiculous? Well, that's the point of the juice company's new web campaign: You wouldn't think of a smoothie franchise making burgers, so why would you go to a burger joint to get a smoothie?

Of course, the reveal isn't immediately obvious. After viewing the YouTube set-up, you need to head over to the related site, CheeseburgerChill.com to be let in on the joke.

I must say, the vision of a mom and daughter spooning icy blended "beef" into their mouths in the video ad was enough to put me off all food -- smoothie or otherwise -- for at least a little while. But once my nausea subsides, I'll be taking advantage of the $1 off a (real) smoothie coupon, which viewers are rewarded with for engaging in the full cycle of the campaign.

Get some.

Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute. As an independent consultant, Jodi develops strategic content programs and projects for brand, media, and agency clients in the marketing, entertainment,...

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