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Celebrities jumping aboard branded video

Celebrities jumping aboard branded video iMedia Editors
YouTube has the power to make anyone a celebrity -- or at the very least, an internet celebrity -- until the next funny sketch or skateboarding dog comes along. But internet fame is fleeting, and the people we define as "real celebrities" -- actors, athletes, musicians, TV personalities -- have been resistant to appear in online video.

Until now, that is. The New York Times reports that more celebrities are agreeing to online video projects, especially projects produced by brand advertisers.

Celebrity chef Paula Dean is taking part in a Kraft campaign for Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Comedian Adam Corolla is appearing in web videos munching on a Klondike bar for Unilever. Even Major League Baseball stars like Albert Pujols are getting in on the act, appearing in videos for Dove Men + Care.

But everybody knows that online marketing needs to be authentic, even when it comes to video. With that in mind brands aren't simply plunking down cash looking for any celebrity. According to Rob Candelino of Unilever, Dove chose its spokespeople based on the fact that they had "fantastic stories" to tell.

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