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Coke Zero taps its inner Tron nerd

What do tech geeks and Tron geeks have in common? Pretty much everything. Which is why the Coke Zero-sponsored Tron LiveCycle mobile game just makes a whole heck of a lot of sense.

Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the iPhone app (Android coming soon) lets you build your own light wall as you walk through the streets. (If you don't know what a light wall is, don't worry -- this game just isn't for you. And congratulations -- you probably managed to get a date in the 1980s.) In any case, the larger the light wall you build, the more likely other game players are to crash into it.

Of course, such a game requires other players for it to truly be the immersive experience the brand intends. So only time will tell whether the legions of Tron fans out there will decide to get in the Grid -- or if there will just be a handful of lonely light cyclists circling the block.


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