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It is that time of year again - the "Best of" list time of year, that is. I have read a few and have now made my own list and because it is almost Christmas, I thought I might ask Santa to maybe rush forward some inventions that might be on the way.

Item 1: Microsoft Kinect for XBOX 360:

Yeah, yeah, I know this came out last holiday season but its full impact was not known to me until 2011. This fantastic invention has allowed me to spend some quality time with my kids on games that I actually enjoy. Call me old or whatever, but I CANNOT get into Modern Warfare 3. I CAN however dig dancing with my kids and even doing it for points - I am competitive overall and do NOT believe in just letting my kids win! More than that - it has added a little extra cardio to my life. Good for the family AND the heart.

Item 2: The Bed Bug Detector:

I travel, every single week and the bed bug outbreak last year really skeeved me out. So this little invention caught my eye. Here is a link to a site that demo's this nifty device. http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2011-05/2011-invention-awards-sniffing-out-bedbugs  It is marketed as emulating a dog's nose. This is the perfect device for any loved one in your home that travels a lot lest they bring those bad bugs back home with them. Another perk is that it can sniff out mice, roaches, spiders and other creepy crawly's!

Item 3: Twitter Based Hedge Funds:

I found this on the Time Inc list of the best inventions of the year and had to agree. http://techland.time.com/2011/11/17/five-cool-inventions-from-times-new-50-best-inventions-issue/#twitter-based-hedge-funds  The article stated that "apparently, the new way to do it is to pay attention to Twitter. A paper from the Universities of Indiana and Manchester called “Twitter Mood Predicts The Stock Market” seems to suggest that the overall mood of the social network is a surprisingly good indicator of where the market will go soon afterwards."


A mood ring for the stock market...now that is something I can get into!

Item 4: iPad 2

The thinner, lighter version with the front and back camera was a big enough leap forward to make a believer out of me. The competition has been good news for the marketplace but bad news from some competitors (like the HP Touchpad). However, Kindle has upped its game, in large part because of the progress made by Apple. The Fire is really slick. It is no iPad, but it's nice.

Item 5: Siri

My favorite invention of 2011. Voice activation has been so blase with so much potential and while Siri still has her flaws, she is pretty awesome. She is practical but she is fun too. Who hasn't asked he what she thought of you or what she was wearing? It is as much fun to get her to really help you as it is to see how the Apple programmers managed to think of a response to literally any nonsensical question you could conjure up.

Now for my Santa Wish List:

This is a great article (http://listverse.com/2011/08/27/top-10-futuristic-inventions-we-should-have-now/) for 10 gadgets that we SHOULD have but my favorites are:

1. Teleportation:



Where is Scotty with his di-lithium crystals when we need him? Imagine how truly global we could be if we could teleport ourselves? And think of the time saved in security lines!!

2. Food Particalizer:


Remember the part in Willy Wonka where the kids particalizes himself and floats over everyone only to re-appear on the other side of the room (albeit in miniature form)? Imagine doing that with food? Maybe the holiday season of food gorging has affected me but I'd love to teleport some of the finer foods in NY to my home from time to time...I'd even pay for the long distance delivery...instant gratification:)

3. Anti-Gravity Machine:


Along with my food issues comes this...if I had an anti-gravity machine, I wouldn't be so depressed when I looked down at the number on the scale:)

Happiest of holidays to all!

Julie A Roehm

Marketing Consultant/CMO for Hire

Backslash Meta, LLC



[email protected]

Julie Roehm is SVP Marketing, "Chief Storyteller" at SAP. Formerly, as a Marketing Strategy Consultant she served companies in all industries, of all sizes. Her client list includes, Credit Suisse, Time Inc., BIAP, Acxiom, ad agencies, and...

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