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9 Digital Ideas From 2011 Worth a 2nd Look

9 Digital Ideas From 2011 Worth a 2nd Look Jim Nichols
There aren’t enough good digitally centered ideas. Here’s a little collection of the best ideas we saw in 2011 – ideas that demonstrate how great thinking and ideas come alive when married to the power of digital.

1. JCPenney makes something the same…different.

When you sell many of the same goods available in other stores, it can be hard to differentiate your offerings. Add to that the danger of people comparison shopping with their cell phones, and you have a major need in search of a solution. Here’s their great idea:


2. L’Oreal demonstrates dramatic proof that their makeup is a great cover up

Anybody can show a pretty model with flawless skin. But what does that really prove? Here’s the way you proof makeup efficacy.


3. Olla gives young men a good reason to wear ‘em

We all know, intellectually, what are the paternity consequences of not using a condom. Here’s a way to bring that to life for young men who sometimes don’t think with their heads.


4. Macy’s screams Black Friday

It’s not easy to stand out amid the din of Black Friday ads. While at its core a TV ad, this hilarious message featuring the Bieb got millions of views online – and impact that far exceeded the size of the buy.


5. T-Mobile stands out…in Christmas red!

The flash mobs that TMobile periodically uses to touch the hearts of millions continued in 2011 with this Christmas message – this time from a mall in Chicagoland. I want the soloist’s albums, dammit. Who is she?


6. Nokia’s reconnects with advanced technology

Nokia’s hit some hard times in Mobile, especially in smart phones. This amazing sound and light show, literally ON the London skyline, helped the brand stand out and show off. And in the process, reach millions via online video.


7. Coke makes happiness strike in the Philippines

Watch, cry, and see why Coke’s the world’s brand.


8. And delivers happiness to Brazil!

Can you imagine actually being there?


9. Nike gets past the lockout

What a brilliant way to connect with fans even when your endorsers are sidelined. What a great way to demonstrate your connection and heart for a sport!


Jim Nichols is VP of Marketing for Apsalar. Jim has 20+ years experience in over 80 different categories, including developing successful positioning and go-to-market plans for more than 40 adtech and martech companies. He joins Apsalar after...

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