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All I Want for Christmas is a QR Code

All I Want for Christmas is a QR Code Bob Bentz
Christmas QR Code

Every year, the Mazza family of Philadelphia seems to out-do their neighbors when it comes to Christmas decorations.  And, out-do their selves from the year before.

“Each year, I add something different,” said Frank Mazza Sr. who has been decorating his South Philly home near the stadium complex since 1989.  “A few years back I had ice sculptures of Santa and his reindeer.  Last year, I had 3 inches of snow sprayed around my entire house.”

Over the past 22 years, Mazza has tried just about everything imaginable when it comes to Christmas decorations.   With each new holiday season, it has become increasingly difficult to top the year before.

“So, this year I wanted to go with something that would really bring attention.”

Mazza was Christmas shopping when he kept seeing QR Codes at the stores at the mall.  That’s when he came up with the idea of using a QR Code as part of his holiday decorations.  I guess you could say all he wanted for Christmas was a QR Code.

“When he first mentioned it to me, I had no clue what a QR Code was,” said wife Laurie Mazza who puts up with her husband’s slightly over-board hobby and the corresponding electric bills every holiday season.  “When I saw the first QR Code though, I started noticing them everywhere.”

Now, Laurie is noticing one every day -- one that is on a banner right in her front yard.

On the first day that the Custom QR Code banner was at the home, it received 24 scans from passers-by.  It has been consistently scanned at about that daily rate since the holiday season started, although last Saturday it topped 40 scans.  The Mazza’s also added a text message promotion with a short code so that those without smartphones could see their special message.

“We see the cars drive by and then people get out of the car to scan the QR Code, watching the video that we created,” said Frank.  “Then we see them laughing and showing their kids.  That makes all of the hard work I do on the house worthwhile.”

Scan the Custom QR Code or Text HOLIDAYS to 84444 to see just why the kids are laughing.

Custom QR Code

Advanced Telecom Services, of Wayne, Pennsylvania, created the Custom QR Code and supplied the text message marketing for the Mazza home at no charge showing that it too is in the Christmas holiday spirit.

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