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Google up, Facebook down

Bethany Simpson
Google up, Facebook down Bethany Simpson
I spent 20 minutes yesterday sending unique Santa videos to friends. It's addictive. Enter their name, choose personalized answers to various questions (what kind of decor style for your tree? minimalist?), and Google takes care of the rest.

Here's one I made for a friend named Kristen.


You can make your own here.

I think Google is one of the winners this holiday season. From the Santa videos and phone calls, to their digital easter eggs (search "let it snow" and "Christmas" for google-esque surprises), they're having fun with the season. And their users are appreciating it.


In other news… sponsored stories are returning to your Facebook timeline. Facebook hasn't included ads in the news feed since 2008. And there are some changes this time:

  • You'll see no more than one ad per day

  • The ads will be related to your friends, or Pages you've liked

  • There will be additional text letting users know where the story came from ("This was already shared with you. A sponsor paid to feature it here")

The ads won't appear in your mobile news feed (at this time).

TechCrunch reports the following:

"Given that Facebook has roughly 400 million daily users, half of which are on the web, Facebook could boost its daily ad inventory by up to 200 million impressions. This inventory expansion could reduce ad prices, though an increase in advertiser demand for Sponsored Stories could offset this. Facebook hasn’t finalized whether advertisers will have the option to specifically request placement in the news feed. Studies have shown sidebar Sponsored Stories have a 46% higher click through rate than traditional ads, and you can expect the CTR of news feed Sponsored Stories to be even higher."

Click here for the full story from TechCrunch.


Bethany Simpson

Bethany has worked with Fortune-1000 executives for 8 years. From 2007 to 2011 she served as director of content development for the Leadership Network, a private online community for C-Level leaders of Fortune-1000 companies and $1B+ organizations.

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