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Questus Voted Agency of the Year at Inaugural iMedia Agency Awards

Questus Voted Agency of the Year at Inaugural iMedia Agency Awards iMedia Editors
Questus took top honors as Agency of the Year during an awards dinner celebrating the first-ever iMedia Agency Awards, Tuesday, Dec. 6, at the iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Joining Questus were agencies winning awards in 9 other categories, garnering the top votes in each category from a field of more than 50 finalists. All nominees and winners were selected during several weeks of voting on iMediaConnection.com, which saw more than 16,000 votes cast from industry executives and no small amount of “campaigning” on the part of nominees.

The winning agencies in each category were: Questus, Agency of the Year; Ignition Interactive, Digital Boutique Agency of the Year; Starcom, Campaign of the Year (for ESPN’s Igniting Football Enthusiasts During 2011 NFL Draft); AKQA, Most Innovative Agency Website; MediaStorm, Best Agency for Video; Hyperfactory, Best Agency for Mobile; 22squared, Best Agency for Social; Razorfish, Best Agency for Out-of-Home; Digitas, Best Agency for Integrated Media; iProspect, Best Agency for Search.

“We’re really thrilled to have been voted Agency of the Year,” said Joseph Dumont, partner with Questus, after accepting the award. “We have fantastic clients, a driven and passionate team, and had a terrific 2011 on a variety of levels and we’re looking forward to an even better 2012. Great way to end the year.”

“ESPN has such a strong appreciation of and support for putting human understanding at the center of brand efforts, and we're so excited to have won this for work with clients who understand the importance of digital within the human experience. Digital media provides an amazing palette for marketing creativity, and we're grateful to the recognition for the ideas at play in this effort." said Amy Dickerson, Associate Director, at Starcom USA.

To see the final nominees and learn more about the work that got them to the finalist stage at the iMedia Agency Awards click here. The 2012 iMedia Agency Awards will be presented at the iMedia Agency Summit, Dec. 2-5 2012, back at the Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, Ariz.

“iMedia is so excited to launch this yearly iMedia Agency Awards event spotlighting a spectacular list of agency finalists known for their industry-leading accomplishments. These agencies represent an extraordinary body of work that is driving digital marketing to new heights. Congratulations to everyone,” said Josh Messinger, VP Online, iMediaConnection.com

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