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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Mobile Marketers

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Mobile Marketers Glenn Pingul
As we ring in the New Year with overflowing glasses of champagne, the countdown to midnight, and crowds of family and friends, it’s time for the annual tradition…making resolutions.

So without further ado, I bring you a countdown of the top 10 resolutions for mobile marketers.

10. “Get out of debt”

We’ve all seen the predictions for increased mobile marketing spend (now projected to grow by more than 30% by 2016) but what’s the return?   The newness factor is wearing off and companies are expecting it to ‘work.’  As marketers divert more funds to mobile, the pressure is on to prove its value and realize a strong return on investment relative to other channels.

9. “Help others”

The mobile phone has become a key part of our day to day lives and mobile marketers realize the value they can add when the right message is delivered at the right time and place.  The key is knowing your customers – and their needs – and then delivering what offers real value at the time it really matters.  And let’s remember, it’s not always about an up-sell or cross-sell.  It may be as simple as an educational message, alert, informational message, tip or trick.

8. “Get organized”

Ever noticed how much time you spend searching for your kids’ baseball glove when your garage is busting at the seams and nothing seems to stay in its’ ‘place’?   I hate to admit it, but sometimes I just redirect my son’s attention so I can stop the search.   Same thing goes for mobile data.   The beauty of it?  There’s so much rich data to leverage.    The challenge?  There’s so much rich data to leverage.   The key is having the right tools in place to automate the gathering and mining of the data so you can actually act on it.

7. “Quit my bad habits”

When you look at your 2012 plans, what are you doing differently than 2011 and previous years?  I’m pretty confident that every company could do a few things better.   Mobile marketers are realizing that the ever evolving mobile world requires an ever evolving marketing strategy.   Customers expect more which means that using the same approach with mediocre results will not only have little impact on the bottom line, but hurt your long-term ‘health’ with your customers.

6. “Learn something new”

Mobile marketers are beginning to dabble in the whirlpool of data points that the mobile channel provides.  Yes, there is more than absolute location.  With an understanding of how certain contexts, e.g., customer lifecycle stage, time, relative location, purchase cycle, social interactions, etc. impact how customers behave, marketers can engage them in unique, meaningful ways.

5. “Tame the bulge”

More doesn’t necessarily equal better.   Although staying top of mind is important for marketers, so is staying relevant.   Mobile marketers are vowing to focus on what matters to keep their customers satisfied by enticing them with what is tailored to their individual preferences versus what is deemed appealing for the masses.

4. “Reduce, reuse, recycle”

With tools designed specifically for gathering and mining mobile data, mobile marketers can determine what data e.g., previous purchases, social connections, locations, etc. matters most and hone in on precisely that.   Understand what’s working and what’s not working; build upon your successes and tweak the misses.

3. “Spend more time getting to know people”

If you’re still referring to your customers as ‘24-35 year old females’ or ‘high income males’, it’s time to get with the program.   The mobile channel allows you to engage with an individual in their everyday life.  On the flip side, it requires that you know your customers – their likes and dislikes, what influences their behavior, the best way to engage them, the optimal time for doing so, and how.  Mobile marketers are thinking beyond traditional segments and getting to know their customers on a one to one basis.

2. “Exercise”

Marketers are ready to put their brains back in work out mode and do what their best at – being creative.  While mining through data and consolidating spreadsheets of results may be what mobile marketers are accustomed to, the reality is that there are tools available to help you do the dirty work.  It’s time to get out of the hamster wheel and start exercising your brain by putting your creative skills to better use.  

1. “Stick to my goals”

Ah yes, one that is so easy to sway from yet so important to achieve.  Without the ability to keep our eye on the prize, we’re destined to get bogged down in tracking open rates and determining reach.  Instead of setting one-off campaign goals, align tactics to the one or two long-term company-wide goals that really matter e.g., delivering a better customer experience, building customer loyalty, maintaining market leadership.  And don’t wait until December to measure your progress – build in gut checks and be ready to iterate and optimize over and over again.

Glenn Pingul is VP of Scientific Marketing Strategies for Amplero, a machine-learning-powered digital intelligence platform that helps enterprises better connect with their customers. Prior to joining Amplero, he was a co-founder of the online video...

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